Nov 29, 2017

Minimalism...Is It For Me?

Few months ago, when I started my personal blog...I searched lot of references about how to write better. I love writing and I’m passionate about it, but I also knew that my writing skill was not good enough. Not to mention that blogging was a new kind of writing experience for me.

I read stuffs about how to write better that I could found around the internet, from simply how to write a good article, stories, to copywriting. I also heard some podcast about writing, which actually made me realize one thing...I learned better through audio.

From site to site, I finally landed in, specifically the podcast about writing by Joshua Field Millburn (half of the minimalist). I’m kinda interested on how Joshua explain his techniques and principles in writing. It’s practical and related on me. Especially when he shared about removing too many rules before start writing to only one rule : sit in the chair.

From hearing the podcast, I started to go deeper about the blog, a blog about a minimalism life. I read some of their articles (they called them essay), heard another podcasts, and I started to say to my self, “Hey...this is minimalism thing sounds interesting!”

What is minimalism?

At a first glance, people think minimalism is about living with less stuff, so did I. I thought of being minimalism is living as single guy in small apartment (with minimalist design), possessing not more than xx stuff, writing blogs and fictions for living...and the worst part of it, I bought that idea. I thought of that live was an ideal life. No more clutter like messy toys of your kids, no more arguing and debating with your spouse about small things, no more stress for thinking about your bosses you have to see the next day. Nothing else but me, living my passion as writer happily, and...alone. And yes, at a first glance, it sounded very ideal life.

But when I went through just a bit deeper about minimalism, it was (definitely) not about removing and removing. Minimalism isn’t about less, less, and less, it;s about creating space for more...more...and more. More passion, more contribution, more happiness. And as I went more, the meaning of living a minimalism life, or being a minimalist is to live a meaningful life.

Being a minimalist

The key word I found in minimalism is living a meaningful life. And from what I know, it comes by contributing to other people life. Which it actually the reason I started my blog, to give contribution to as many people around the world. What a vision isn’t it?

However, along the way I realized that there are “others” need my contribution the most...people around me. Before, I was too focused on how my writing, my crafts would inspire lots of people to change. I tried so hard to improve my writing skill, wrote about something that can inspire people, thus led me to abandon people around me. I was too busy to impress the world and disregarding the closest one. Those who actually I need to put my focus family, my job, my coworker, my bosses.

I love writing and I still passionate about it. But, I learned that I have another thing called responsibility I need to fulfill and accomplish to make my life meaningful. Being a minimalist is simply a tools, a vehicle, a way to do it. If it doesn’t led to a better and more meaningful life, than it’s time to find another vehicle.

Are you interested of being a minimalist?

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