Dec 23, 2017

Daily Blogging : Is It Possible?

Write blog post everyday? You gotta be kidding me!
I don't have that much time to blog everyday. Maybe if I was a student with lots of free time (for students, no hurt feeling please) I could write everyday. I have so many things to do. I have my job, my family, my cats. So it's impossible for me to blog every day.

Or is it?

Windback the clock, when I started out my blog. I landed in a blog own by Jeff Goins. This guy said that what I need to do as a new blogger was to blog everyday. He even had this challenge called My 500 Words. And as it named, to beat the challenge was to write minimum 500 words per day.

Sounds even scarier right?

But, as a new blogger who wish to have my blog grow big, I tried this. I wrote no less than 500 words per day. Untill the third day, I dropped it.

It was so hard to keep writing and counting how many words I had written in the same time. It stressed me out. I no longer found joy in writing. Rather, the writing started to become my next job (I talked about the stress, not the money).

However, even with the stress, I must admit that writing become easier to do. Especially if you do it daily. As said by Joshua Field Millburn from The Minimalists, writing is like a muscle, use it or loose it.

From the way I see it now, I found that it's not about the challenge, it was about me. So I tried to figure out some strategies that allows me to write in daily basis. But this time, without the words count. My aim is simply write everyday and improve my writing.

Just as Seth Godin was once said that he blog everyday even when no one come to read it. It's merely a practice.

I don't make plan
Nope, I don't. One of the reason why I failed back there was because I set a perfect plan (ideas, schedule), and instead of start writing, I kept perfecting my plan over and over again.
Not to mention the word "plan" it's spooky already.

Rather to make a plan, now I simply write down ideas in a note. Not in a smartphone, but simply notes from paper.  I just put the ideas spinning around in my head, makes some bullets, points, draw a mindmap, arrows, in it.

Then, I open it when I want to write, and start writing.

I don't become an early person
Early morning is the best time to write, because we're still have our sanity. If it works on you, great, but not for me.

I used to get up early and start writing. But, there's a side effect on it. I became less sleep and therefore got sleepy in the office. So, writing in the morning is just nof for me.

What I do now is, I pick a time during the lunch break to write. I already have what I want to write, and right after I finish my lunch, I open my writing apps and start writing.

It works better on me.

I don't use too many apps
80% of my posts were written in my tablet. And yes, I have some blog and wiritng applications installed in it.

Turned out, it slowed me down. I became more focus on finding "the right" apps instead of writing. So, now I only have 2 apps to blog : Blogger and Blogger Pro.

I use Blogger to create the draft and afterward I switch to Blogger Pro to do the finising touch. Because sadly said, Blogger don't have enough features to make my post more beautiful and attractive.

It's still too early to know if these strategies work. But, I find blogging everyday now become easier and possible to be done.

What about you? Do you blog everyday? What is your strategy to build and maintain your blogging habit?

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