Dec 26, 2017

Dressing Up The Blog

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Last two nights, I spent some times to dressed up my blog. After few months try to find the right one fit my blog, from using free downloadable themes or using new responsive theme offered by blogger, until customizing default template.

And, as you see now, this is it "my theme". This is customized template from simple theme. I personally like it, a lot (hope you do so).

The idea was to have a simple blog interface which allows my reader to experience a nice and easy reading. As simple as it.

I love white, and I found that most blogs I've visited, which I enjoy to spent some times in it, use white background. It looks simple and clean.

As for the fonts, I use an old school look by applying Lora font. Why? Well, because I want to give an elegant and classic impression.

In this blog, I also turned off the adsense stuff. Though I don't quite understand how it works, but I avoid to have ads because I have bad experience when visited a blog that full of ads. It was difficult to read the content as there are so many ads floating around. Even if it had a great content.

I'm not saying you can't put ads in your blog. I just simply don't want my reader can't read my writing.

Now, of course it's totally bullshit if I say that no one inspires me to set up my theme this way. So, I'd like to share some sites/blogs that influence the visual, content, and furthermore perspective to me and my blog.

Maybe, one of them, influenced you too. Who knows?

1. The Change Strategist
Truth be told, he is the person who inspires me to start blogging. His blog about productivity, management, and business is pretty much fun to read.
His belief that everything should be simpler and faster, resonate me.
I like to visit his blog to find some inpirations about simplicity in some process. Especially when I get over complicated with my self

2. Zen Habits
I guess you all know him, Leo Babauta. His blog about simplicity is reflected in his blog theme. Very simple yet interesting.
One of my favorite thing about Leo's blog is about the uncopyright. I love his concept so much about it. I put it down below in my footer, so you can also get his message.

3. The Minimalists
The duo, Joshua Field Millburn and Ryan Nicodeamus, has inspire lots of people to live more with less.
I like to read their essays about living a meaningful life, The font I used in my blog, also inspire by font they use for their blog. It's a bit old school, yet easy to read.

4. Minimalism Life
Found this site when I went further of minimalism concept. I like it's simplicity a lot. Not much accessories (i.e. ads), just an illustration image and the content in each post.

5. Goins Writer
Blog owned by Jeff Goins. One of the million blog I've ever visited in my early stage in blogging. Though he put ads in his blog, but I must admit, he done it in beautiful way.

Put it all together and you can find some of "theirs" in my blog. The white background I use, black and white theme for header and menus, old school font, post template, sitemap, and much more,

I'm pretty satisfied with my blog's current look. Maybe some touch in coding can be done along the way to make it better. But for now, I'll just focusing my effort to create a great content.

What about you? Who's your influencer for blogging? What inspirations or lessons you learned from them?


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