Dec 6, 2017

Measuring Contribution

What makes a contribution? 

I've learned over these past few years, contribution comes in three forms or actions. So when I asked myself about my own contributions, I will refer to these three.

Contribution means makes no problem
The very least of how I measure my contribution is by following the standard, procedure, regulation, etc.

Why I call this the very least? Well because it takes less effort to be creative or solving some problems. All we should do just follow and (hopefully) nothing will go wrong for we have done what we should do.

Contribution means fix a problem
Next level of contributions is fixing a problem.

We're all here in organizations, family, society, for a purpose right? And what I believe, our purpose of existing in the very first place was to be the solution of any kind of problem. Small one, big one, doesn't matter.

Contribution means prevent a problem
The highest and most of time, the hardest one for me personally is to make an improvement to the current situation and therefore, avoid a problem to arise. Or at least, minimize the impact.

Question :
  • How do you measure your contribution level?
  • Does blogging also consider as contribution?


  1. Saya tidak pernah tau bagaimana mengukur tingkat kontribusi saya
    tapi yg pasti saya berusaha sebisa mungkin melakukan yg terbaik agar mampu berkontribusi

    blogging menurut saya bisa dianggap sebagai kontribusi
    asalkan memberikan konten bermuatan positif tanpa embel2 HOAX

  2. I believe so, especially when someone told me, he/she been inspired by my article to do or avoid something.


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