Dec 31, 2017

My 2018 Theme : Less Achievement, More Contribution

Here it is, the last day of 2017. We are now approaching a new beginning of 2018, with full of hopes and expectations.

One common thing done by bloggers in time like this is writing a post about goals, expectations, hopes, and dreams for 2018. Some of them are also willingly share some of their achievements and lessons they learned over the year. Aren't they kind, share all of it to us? So we can also learn and get inspired from what they've done.

As a new blogger, I think I'll do the same by making this post about my own expectation in 2018. The hope is quite bit same, share something that may valuable to you, my friends.

It's quite ashame to admit this, but I didn't set up something in the early of 2017.

What I had in mind was only to start a blog in 2017. Not to share something valuable for people, instead valuable for me. My goal of starting a blog was quite selfish. I love writing and I want people to read my writing. There was nothing such as give some values to them who spent their time and attention, in my head.

Then after I joined some bloggers group in Facebook and started to visiting several blogs (something called blogwalking). I found some blogs I enjoy to visit, for its contents, design, layout, etc., while some other blogs were such a waste of my time, The content sucks, the writing poor, and the design weren't so much attractive.

However, when I saw these "poor" blogs with all of my impression on them. I soon realize that I'm no different from them.

Blogging is not about jotting down what we have in mind, but it also serves what the reader's want or need. Our writing are supposed to be both expressive and communicative. Because, we are blogging here, not make a personal diary or journal which no one can read but us.

So, if I windback the clock to the early time when I started blogging, I decide to fix the "mistake" I had.

I wish my blog to be something that adds value to my readers. Serve them with good quality content, packed in an easy reading format, touch their heart, and impact the way they think, feel, and act (in positive and constructive manner). That's what I want to in 2018.

I had learned lots of stuff about writing and blogging, including using social media in 2017. I also done with my blog designing, the way I want it....simple and easy reading.

Now, the homework is to create a good content that helps my reader solve their problems, inspire them to be a better person, and add values to their life.

I personally have nothing else to achieve this year. What I want is simply contribute to the world by sharing my stories.

I'm quitting my search of perfection, improving my self, or whatever terms you use to call it. I'm perfect already. And now sharing and contributing are the only things left to do.

Guess, this also apply to my job and my family life.

Last, I want to wrap this post by saying Happy New Year to all of you who had done what you have to during 2017. You earn this moment to celebrate your wins.

Now let's welcoming 2018 shall we?



  1. I am a blogger and completely understand where you are coming from. Good luck and interested to see what you do in the future.

  2. Thank you Erika, wish you good luck too


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