Dec 20, 2017

Should I Tell People That I'm Blogging?

I started my blog for two reasons : expressing my passion in writing and share my stories to the world, hoping that the story inspires the reader to be a better person.

Sounds cool aren't they?

However, as someone with less of confidentiality. I avoid publishing my posts to my friends. I know that to get reader to visit our blog, we must promote the blog itself. Simply put, how'd they know if our blog is even exist if noone told them?

Over these months I keep holding back to promote my blog to my friends. Why? Because I was affraid. I was affraid of what they might think of me with my blog. I was afrraid I'll get this questions, "You blog? Seriously?" not by curiousity, but the ittention to look down at me.

I know what you're thinking. It was just in my head. None of them are real. If they are, so what?

But, this uncomfort of being known as blogger (or rather, someone who blog) just kept me for tell them what I'm doing.

Untill today....finally.

You see, I keep wondering what is the best way with less uncomfort feeling, to announce to the world that I'm here. So, this is what I do.

Create Facebook Page
By having a facebook page, I tried to put a distance between my personal life and my blog. I know that blogging is about sharing your story (often from your personal experience in life), but I'm not interested in sharing my personal life (e.g. picture of my family) to the world.

For me, facebook page is a medium to promote my blog and communicate with my reader.

After that, simply invite all my friend to like the page.

Create Instablog
Instablog is just the way I call my new Instagram account.

It serve the same purpose as the facebook page. But, considering we can't have a Instagram page, then the option left is create another account. Same with the facebook page, after all set with the instagram profile, invite friends to follow.


Getting The Result
After inviting my friends to like and follow, next thing to do is waiting. For me waiting the judgement and preparing my self if they laugh at me.

And then, there come a feedback.

As predicted, the first question asked was, "You do blogging?" Okay, here we go, come on laugh out loud at me. I have prepared my self (hopefully).

But, the following question is completely unpredictable. "Can you share me how to manage a blog?"

Seriously? Is this trully happened?

I was so excited. I really didn't imagine I'll receive this kinda feedback. Not from someone close enough with me. But, it did.

Now, I feel a bit lighter and enjoying the blogging process. I still hope through this simple blog, I can reach more people and spread inspiration and positivity. At the very least, won't make them get worsen.

Do you still hold back to tell your friends and family about your blog?


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