Jan 7, 2018

3 Questions Every Writers Must Ask Themselves Before Hitting The Keyboard

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The uneasy part of writing is to communicate the message clearly and concisely (sometimes there's a limit in words or characters count). But, I won't say it' s that hard either. I prefer to use the word simple.

Yap, writing is simple. It isn't easy nor difficult.

I'm not the best writer ever, but I learn some lessons about writing that can helps you write better. Be it writing a social media status update, blog post, essay for your exam, or even a fiction writing.

In this post, I want to share 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you even start jump in to your laptop or phone and type your first word.

#1. The What Question
First of all, let's begin with the end. What are you going to write? What message you wish your reader to catch? What do you want them to think or feel after finish read your stuff?

Clarity is power.

Having a clear objective of what your writing should serve will helps you write more effective. Simply because, you know where you're going to with your craft.

For example, in this post what I'm trying to communicate with you a method to write better. I want you to understand that there is a way to improve your writing skills, by asking 3 questions before start writing.

If by the end of this post you get the message I want to communicate above, then I have done my writing effectively.

#2. The Why Question
As a writer, we want people to read our stuff, get their feedback, comments, critiques, or have them share it to their friends. It's makes us feel happy, appreciated, and honored.

But, before all of that, we need to ask our self, why they need to land to our blog and read?

I personally believe that nothing is absolutely free in this world. Even get into my blog and read my posts won' t cost financially. But it cost my reader time and attention. And unlike money, I can't "refund" their time spent in my blog. Therefore, I want to honor them by making a post worth their time and attention.

Knowing why you should write and why people need to read, wil, helps you write better, simplify your words to make it easier to understand.

#3. The How Question
After knowing what you want to communicate and why you should communicate it, we go to the final question, how you should communicate your message?

Take your time to think thoroughly about how you'll deliver it. You see, writing is just a tool of communication. You don't always have to write a long article all the time. In some case, you might consider playing around with pictures, infographic, vlog, or anything else.

You maybe can also try to write some fiction or poem. Anything is possible. Don't hold your creativity by experimenting something new. You'll never know what'll happen.

So, I guess that's all I can share for now. Hope you find it valuable and helps you write more creative and effective. We'll see again in the next post. Make sure you subscribe so you won't miss any updates from me.

Bye for now.


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