Jan 5, 2018

Becoming A Better Team Player

Are you a good team player?

When I run my Amway business, I was part of a group called Network 21, founded by Jim Dornan.

I wasn't good in selling Amway product, but I love to listened to CDs, join the meetings, and read books they recommended. I like to learn and, self improvement has become one of my topic of interest. One of the CD called Bootcamp, discussed about become a good team player.

There are three points that makes us a good team player. And these lessons are somehow related to my current job since I'm part of the team. Lessons I'd like to share with you all in this post.

Hope you find  these lessons valuable and applicable to you too, in your own situation.

Lesson 1 : Edification
For the first time I heard this, I definetely had no idea what was it. I couldn't find it in dictionary either. I thought, it probably some kind of organization code or something.

Well, according to the speaker (in CD) and my understanding, edification is kinda like endorsement to our upline/leader.

It was often applied like this, when you wanted to introduce your prospect or your team to the leader, first of all, you need to edify him/her. You did this by saying only positive thing about your leader (not about the look). It's close to worshipment, but not that much.

You see, the reason why you need to edify your leader is to give them power to speak to your prospect or team. Because they don't know your leader at the beginning.

Would they listen if you say something like this, "Here is my leader, and he/she is your leader too." Compare if you say it this way, "This is my leader, he is a busy person, but still somehow manage his time to help us growing up the business. I'm happy to introduce him to you."

Feel the different?

Now, if you're a team leader and you keep saying to your team that your boss (which actually their boss too) sucks. What would your team think about him/her. Will your boss has power in front of your men?

They'll probably think you're the asshole, who can only saying bad things about people. And they maybe, start to think that you'll do the same on them.

Edification is selfish. We give it to people so they can use it for our interest. If is not about licking your boss ass. It's simply showing your respect to him/her. At the end you'll be the one gain more benefit.

Lesson 2 : Consultation
A leader is he/she who had been through the path we'd like to take. And because they've been there first, they know the road better than us. That's why, consultation is very important to be a good team player.

Again, it applies pretty much the same in my job.

Consult to our leader is easier if we know from that our leader is a great leader from the very beginning. But, when we think he/she is not even smarter or better than us, it takes lots of effort, to first taking out the ego (or let just say it, pride) and be teachable.

Consultation is discussion. It's not like asking random questions and expecting an instant answer. It's more like when we have something disturbing in our head, or not sure about what we're gonna do, we come to our boss/leader and ask advice. And, not only ask for solution, but also provide some options we've think about thoroughly, and together discuss the pros and cons of each option.

I have a friend that once came to me, bragging about how bad her boss was. Everytime she had a problem, she came to her boss and ask for solution. Sadly, the only respond she received was only "Why". She kept complain about her boss attitude that wasn't solve the problem.

Well, I'd do the same if I was her boss.

Consultation is not throwing the problem then ask the leader to solve it for us. Big no. It's a discussion process. And when it comes to discussion, everyone should "bring something". The aim is to find the best solution, which sometime doesn't come from the leader.

Lesson 3 : No Crosslining
Simply put, mind your own business.

Sounds easy, but trust me it's not. There will always some urge to compare our self, our team, our organization, our leader, to someone else's.

If only our leader is like another person's leader, then life will be so wonderful. Wake up! It won't happen.

First of all, your leader is not someone else, so it's not fair to expect him/her to be someone else. Will you become someone that is not you? You won't right? Then stop doing it to your leader. They are what they are.

Secondly, do you really think you need a better leader? What if, it is you who need to become a better person for your team? On top of that, which one is easier, change people, or change your self?

Just a quick reminder. When you applied and being asked why you'd like to join the team. Did you offer your experience and knowledge to help the team? Or you wanted to choose who to work with (including who can lead you)?

The other's will always look better than our's. But don't forget, they think the same to us. So why not be grateful to what kind of team we have, or leader who lead us. If they're not perfect, then isn't it an opportunity for us to contribute more and fill the gap?

What so perfect about perfect anyway?

To wrap this post, I want to conclude it in a short and simple sentence. Be someone valuable to people around you by contribute more with what you already have. 

I hope you enjoy read this as much as I enjoy write it down to you, and find it valuable. We'll see again on my next post. Be sure to subscribe so you won't ever miss it.

Bye for now.


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