Jan 19, 2018

Throwback Thursday : My Dreamed Jobs

When I was a kid, I was asked about what I would like to be when I grew up. Parents, uncles, aunties, grandpas, grandmas, teacher, all asked the same. Did they ask the same to you?

On today post, I'm gonna share some jobs I wish I had during my younger age. Because today is Thursday, so let turn back the time and bring some memories on Throwback Thursday.

1. Journalist
When I was in elementary, I was a big fan of Spiderman. I remember there was a TV channel that played Spiderman cartoon every evening. As we all know, Spiderman a.k.a Peter Parker is working in a newspaper company. And that was it. I started to imagine myself as reporter or journalist.

Guess what, in my previous assignment, one of my task was writing content for our corporate news. I also managed and be part of company's employee magazine reporter. I interviewed people, took some pictures, and wrote stories to be published in both company portal news or the magazine.

Dream  come true isn't it?

Even I started by dislike the writing stuffs. But, as time went by, I started to enjoy each process of it. Published and got my stories read by lots of people was so exciting.

2. News Anchor
What I'm trying to say here is specific to sport news. I like watch the sports news anchor or football commentator. I think they're so cool. I want to be like them..

3. Football Player
World Cup 1998 was the event that made me fell in love to football. I started to follow the world of football. I could even knew almost all football player names, especially goalkeepers.

I joined football academy as goalkeeper, and started to put all my focus into it. Too much that caused my grades fell apart.

So, my mom and dad did what they had to do, forced me to quit play football and start to focus on school. I was upset. Why I had to focus on school while in reality there were lots of successfull football player drop off their education.

But, parent's power were so damn powerful back there. And that was it. The end of my dream to be a great football player.

4. Storekeeper
I guess I watch TV too much. I can't remember exactly what was the movie title, but the main character of the film was a kid that became a storekeeper in his daddy's toys shop.

I imagined myself as a storekeeper, greeting the customer, put my best smile for them, help them find what they want, and end up with their smile of satisfaction. Just by imagine it, I feel happy.

I like to smile at people. However, I also learn that I need to control it. Let just say the world today is a bit different than it was. So, it'll be wiser if I 'manage' my smiling face better.

5. Salesperson
When I was in colleague, my mom made me to join a multilevel company named AMWAY. I didn't know much about business and selling. All I knew was everyone there looked awesome with their suite, tie, and shiny shoes.

When I wore my first tie and looked myself in the mirror....damn I looked so good. Even I was awful in selling, I couldn't think of any other job than become a salesperson.

I had two favorite movies during my time in 'salesperson' job, Door To Door and Pursuit Of Happiness. Both were based on the real life. So I guess it worth to watch.

6. Actor
Wind back when I was in elementary, I took part in a musical drama held by the school. We even got the 2nd place in a competition held by I don't know.

It felt great to have all the lights and eyes on me. A bit narcist huh?

My favourite actors are Chow Yun Fat (like him for his piss off look smile), Al Pacino, and Alan Rickman (when he became Severus Snape). As for the local actor, my favourite is none other than Reza Rahardian.

As for the part, I prefer being antagonist. Wander if there's still a chance to start in my age. Let see then.

7. Writer
The last one came after I watched Limitless. Story about a miserable writer that suddenly go genius after taking drugs from his ex-brother in law. I imagine myself become a writer like JK Rowling (I can't tell any other writer's name).

I think that's all I can remember of my dream job. Guess it also wrap up my throwback Thursday for this week. Before I end up this post, I welcome you to share your dream job you ever or never had in the column section. Who knows, after that an opportunity knock your door and you can make your dream come true.

We'll meet again on the next post and look forward to hear your story.

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