Jan 4, 2018

One Day One Post, Building A Writing Habit

Just got landed in an Instagram's community called One Day One Post Community. Not quite sure about it, so I checked their account.

Turned out, it was a community for all aspiring writer who wish to be a writer someday. Wow? Being a writer? That's my dream. I love writing, sharing stories, inspire people, help others, and be a contributive person.

So, without even think twice, I joined the community. Now, I'm waiting for the next process. Wander what it will be.

Despite all of my excitement to become a writer, one thing about their post that hooked me, was about make writing as a habit.

We are what we do, repeatedly,

And looking back before when I started this blog, I set couple of goals and targets about how many posts I'll make, how often I'll share the posts, and more. However, I often fail to keep up with the target I made. I tend to "forgive" my self easily. I have plenty of reasons why I couldn't write and catch up with the target.

Truth be told, the answer is pretty simple. I was complicated.

My urge for perfection made me complicate things, add process that shouldn't be added, created too many rules to post something, and forgot the essential part of being a writer, write.

It's 2018 already and I realize that if I don't change how I do things then the result will be pretty much the same. And it's just waste of time isn't it.

Simplicity is the key

I have changed the way I do for my writing and blogging. Started by simplify the app I used. No more additional stuff. Therefore I can focus on the important thing, build a habit to write and publish, everyday.

That is the essence I got from One Day One Post community. To post everyday, make it as our habit.

I realize that publish one post everyday will be hard if I write a long post. So, I start to reduce the length. I guess 200 words should be enough.

Does it mean I also reduce the quality? Nope, not at all. It's even more challenging to write short post. It also helps to makes us to be an effective writer. Say what we want to say clearly, straightforward, and easily to be understood by our reader.

Now, while waiting for the admin's of the community respond. I'd like to start earlier by challenging my self to write one post every single day.

Feel free if you'd like to join me.


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