Jan 18, 2018

Start With When

Last night, I had a short discussion with my wife about our project this year. We'd been discussed about it few weeks ago. About the project, who does what, and elses.

One of my "responsibility" is related to designing stuff. Compared to her, I was confidence that I'm better in this thing.

However, as time goes by and suddenly few things in my job distract my focus from the project. In short, we haven't speak about it for a while nor start something yet. And, in our discussion last night, my wife showed me rough design she had made.

Smiling, she said, "You don't have to say a lot to do something do you."

Not much I could do but put a wry smile on my face. I realized that I was back to my old habit, procrastination. My wish upon perfection about how things should be or be done, make me forget one of very important thing, TIME.


Windback the clock a bit, I had records I couldn't be proud of when it came to timeline. I often failed to do what I have or should do, in time, because I put too much energy on the process. The ideal process. What should be done first, and after, and so on. Instead of adjusting the process along the way, I tend to restart the process all over again, because I think it is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the time only go in one direction, forward.
Done is better than perfect - Jeff Goins

During this year, aside than project with my wife, I also have a personal project I want to accomplish this year. Something relate to my passion in writing. Creative writing for more exact.

When it comes to creative writing, I thought that there are 3 things every creative writer must have. Those are, WHAT are we gonna write or create, WHY we write it, and HOW we write it.

Not long after, I realize all of those are useless if we don't decide WHEN to start and WHEN to finish.

Time is ticking. By knowing the WHEN, it'll help us be more effective in working on our crafts. Doesn't matter if it's a novel, article, blog post, or whatever. Decide when you're going to share it to the world.

But, it still not yet perfected.

Guess what, it'll never be. Let see those sentence I quoted from Jeff Goins again. Done is better than perfect. It's better to be done, than to be perfect.

You'll never know how far our craft will touch people heart or inspire them. But only, if you share it. So, let stop waiting for perfection.

Set your own timeline, and have the courage to stick to it.

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