Jan 12, 2018

What Do You Offer?

Few days ago, a friend called me looking for an advice. He said that he was invited for a job interview in a multi national company. I know that company and I congratulated and wished him good luck.

Knowing that I was once worked as a recruiter, he asked me few tips and tricks to deal with recruitement process. He was excited and at the same time, worried to fail because he couldn't give the right answer during interview. What if he fail to impress the employer, and such.

Have you been in this kind of situation?

You see, most people are facing those kind of feelings when an invitation for job interview coming. Afraid to answer improperly, fail to impress the employer, which in the end of the day, fail to join the company.

Despite that it's a normal thing (because some friends once came to me and asked thr same), I don't think it's necessary though. Here's the truth, there's no right or wrong when we talk about how to answer a job interview questions. The interview process is merely a way to find out whether you are the one that employer looking for. And if you're not the one, it's absolutely okay.

What I think more important question you need to ask yourself is, what do you offer to the company you apply to? What values you wish to add if they hire you? What contribution you think you can give? Why hiring you is the best deal for them.

Consider yourself as a business partner.

Let just say you sells diapers. What do you offer with the product you sell? What is the product of your product, said Zig Ziglar. Why would people buy?

The easiest answer is, because they have babies and need diapers. If they're hungry they'll search some foods not diapers.

Same goes with job interview. You are offering something, your skills, your knowledge, experiences Those are your products. Now, what's the product of your product?


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