Jan 1, 2018

What I Do To Simplify My Blogging Process

90% of my blog writing were done by my android phone. I rarely write in my computer because, it took longer to start my laptop than just write in my phone. I could use my office PC, but I avoid my colleague to accidentally see I do blogging.

Therefore, writing via smartphone fits me well.

However, I have this tendency to complicate something. Add this, add that, take out this, take out that, and other things which I thought I must do and have to make me more fast and effective in blogging.

Turned out, it just slowed me down.

So, I try to simplify it. The aim is to make me blog faster and better. I want to develop a daily blogging habit, which it'll be hard if I keep complicate the process.

These are what I do now. It works quite well on me so far. Let's see if they works on you too.

Simplify The Apps Used
I used to have around 8 apps to blog. I don't know if 8 is too much or too few for you. But for me, it obviously way much more than I need.

Now, I decide to use only 3 apps for my blogging.
Since I use blogger/blogspot, so it will be irrelevant if I use application for other platform right? Just kidding.

So, for me blogger serves as the text editor. It has what it takes for basic text editor like bold, italic, and inserting link. And, that's all I need from a text editor apps.

Therefore, this app is just perfect.

I learned that picture tells more than words. And most people are visual type, which makes them easier to get attracted by image.

However, I no longer edit the picture as I did back there.

What I need from a picture in my blog is only for illustration about the post I make. I won't spend too much time to edit the picture such as add text on it.

Hence, I only need a gallery of picture and Pixabay provide thousands of high quality ones. And, that's it.

Put it all together, I use Blogger Pro to give the finishing touch.

This app allows me to choose wherever I want the picture to be put, which is great. Also, I can arrange the text allignment from right, center, left, and justify. It support quotes too anyway.


Having all the apps won't helps if I don't change the way I blog. Therefore, I set certain rules for me in blogging.
1. Begin with the end in mindMeans, I don't just write down whatever ideas cross my mind. But also write it as conclusion. Afterward I take the steps back to write down the whole story

2. Have the sketch before jump in to the app
I make the draft, bullets, arrows about the topic I want to write in a piece of paper. Afterward, I go to my app and...

3. Just Write
No time limit, no words count, just write. The only thing I set is only when I write.

4. Find the relevant image
As mentioned before, I'll simply open Pixabay to search relevant image.

5. Layout and Publish
Done by Blogger Pro.

6. Share to the community
I join some blogging groups Facebook and Tribber. I want to share what I have crafted. I'm not writing a diary so yes, I expect people to read my blog.


These are things I do recently for my blogging stuff. What about you? How you make your blogging process simpler, faster, better? I'd love to hear yours.


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