Feb 8, 2018


I started my blog with one thing in my mind, to add values to my reader. I always try my best to post something I think can be valuable and beneficial for them. Of course sometimes I failed to do so. Therefore I keep practicing to write better everyday.

To spread the values to broader audience, I also used social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus. I don't use any other than those three because, I don't have much time to maintain more than that.

As for my Instagram (I called it Instablog), I've seen my audience is growing every day. Which is good. 

However, I'm not kinda person who eager to get as many followers as I could. Blog and social media are my medium to spread the story that matters to people. 

The bigger the follower number means ths bigger responsibility to deliver valuable contents. It's a burden I need to carry on my shoulders.

Same thing applies to my blog subscriber or Facebook Page likers. More number, more responsibility.

It's of course my own personal value. We all values something differently. But, I encourage you to start asking yourself this question : Do you add values to your followers, likers, or subscribers? 

The world are full with junks, and I don't think it need one more.



  1. Nice sharing 👍👍👍 maybe sometimes we need valuable jokes 😆

    1. Kadang saya heran, akun dagelan2 gitu tetep aja dapet banyak follower padahal gak ada value-nya. Lebih heran lagi sama akunnya Mimi Peri 😂😂

    2. Kalau kata teman saya yang orang ekonomi sih itu namanya hukum Penawaran & Permintaan.

      Karena banyak yang 'minta' hal-hal nggak penting macam itu, akhirnya muncullah 'penawaran' dalam bentuk situs-situs yang 'you know lah'.

      Kalau Mimi Peri, saya sih nggak paham...coba saya googling dulu ya.

  2. Semua paragraf yg pak Prima tukis adalah makanan hati yg baik, pak. Kayaknya harus kayak gini. Kata Spider-Man "Di balik kekuatan besar ada tanggungjawab besar".

    1. Terima kasih feedback-nya...mohon bantuannya untuk reminder, kalau ke depan saya mulai 'lupa' ☺


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