Feb 5, 2018

Kill Your Babies!

It's been a while since I worked together with other fellow writers. During that time I found, there were two kind of problem most writers faced. Problem to start write and problem to stop write.

I had them both, but the second one was the most often.

I love language and appearantly, I have some 'talent' in working with words. I hardly remember when was the last time I encounter difficulty to find the right word. But, I must admit...the real deal was to stop writing.

Stop writing means, stop picking the sophisticated words to make me sound smart. Also stop as the word means, just stop. Period.

When I worked as content creator, I often had this issue with my editor. The drafts I submitted were tend to lead to confusion. Why? Simply because the words I used. So, she left me no choice than to revise it and emphasized the using of common words or terms.

Do you know how it feel? It sucks right? My ego, my pride took over myself. "How could she did it to my draft?" I whined to my self. 

You know, as writer, our words are like our babies. We birth these words on to the page. And asking us to take out those words, isn't it the same like told us to kill our baby? It hurts so damn bad!

But, despite all the hard feeling and hurted ego. Let ask ourself this basic question : Why do we write?

Do we write for our self, or do we write for people? If you choose the first option, you can stop read this post now. But if you're like me, who write not only to express ourself, but also to communicate our message. Don't you think how people perceive our message is also important?

We want people to clearly understand our message. And I don't think it'll be possible if we don't stop use a 'hard-to-understand' words.

Good writing is rewriting. Have courage to take out complex words and sentences just to sound smart. You're writing, not masturbating. Put aside your ego and start learn to let go. To kill your babies.



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