Feb 19, 2018

What To Do If You Don't Know Your Passion

A journey to find our passion is a long and sometimes never-ending one. It takes lots of time, energy, and above all, focus.

Me for example, took around 29 years until I found my passion for writing. The art of combining words that communicate and express me at the same time. Funny considering that I hated writing over the years. Not only hated it but also hated it with passion.

My own journey in finding passion started at 2014 when I was assigned as a content creator for my company news. 

I had no idea what was it all about, I hated writing, and I knew nothing about journalistic writing. However considering there were not much-left options to choose, so I began to learn and practice to write. 

It was hard and it still is.

The writing was easy, but to write a good writing...well let's call it frustrating. I remembered my first draft was rejected by my editor because it was confusing and didn't communicate what I wanted to communicate. The way I wrote eliminate the message I wanted to deliver. Not to mention that I used 'uncommon' words which made it harder to be understood by the readers.

The readers, one thing I often forgot when I wrote down the words.

As time passes by and writing became part of my daily activity, I found the joy of it. I started to fall in love with the writing. I learn more and practice more to improve my writing skills.

I still do practice and often fail to communicate my message clearly. But, the hate has turned to love. And I continue to write until now, on my blog.

When I looked back, I learned something about this 'passion' thing. Passion is love, and love is a verb. You don't find love, you create it, by doing what you do wholeheartedly. By putting your best in everything you do, no matter how hard or frustrating it can be. It's not something to be found.

I don't know where you are now in your 'journey to find passion'. I wish you all the best to find your passion. 



If you haven't found it yet, it's completely okay. You don't need passion to live, just start live passionately.


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  1. waw, i love my passion. wkwkwkwk kaya iklan rokok. Make your Journey #piece
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