Feb 6, 2018

Find Blogs Worth Your Time And Attention? Try These Three!

Millions of blogs are existing in the internet today, and the number is still growing every single day. What a noisy world isn't it?

In this post, I'd like to share some blogs I visited quite consistent recently. Those that I consider worth my time and, I believe yours too. Don't bother with what come in the first place. It has nothing to do with the quality offered.

1. The Minimalists
Blog of the duo, Joshua Field Millburn and Ryan Nicodemous, who talk about minimalism life. In the blog, they publish essays and podcasts about living a meaningful life in a new perspective for me.

The first time I landed in this blog was an accident actually. I wasn't  searching for a minimalism or tips about life, instead just some information about writing and happened to find their podcast about writing. The one simple rule of writing they have, inspired me.

Previously, I set so many rules to write, which wasted most of my time to do unimportant thing instead of writing. I was an aspiring writer who aspire to be a writer but never actually do the work. I did more on set things up before writing (i.e. make a coffee, available water, wait till the TV shows finished, etc.). And in the and, I didn't write.

So, I started to apply this rule too for my writing activity. And the rule is : sit in the chair. By means, there can only me and the writing. Period.

2. Zen Habits
After got amazed with the minimalism perspective about life, and keep reading their blogs. One name came. Another minimalist named Leo Babauta.

So I google the name and found his blog, Zen Habits.

The blog it self is talking about productivity and self improvement rather than minimalism. However the perspective used is still the perspective of a minimalist. One that encourage people to have more contribution with their life.

However, I must warn you in advance. The content in Zen Habits are mostly in plain text. No image, no nothing. For me personally, it take lots of effort to finish reading an article from the blog. Not to mention that English is not my mother tongue.

One thing grab my attention is Leo's perspective about uncopyright for his crafts. A new one that influence me to do the same. So, I adopt his value about uncopright in my blog. Can you find it?

3. Goins Writer
Jeff Goins is no doubt influence me so much in my writing style, writing in blog for more particular. He was the one that encourage me to start call my self a writer. His blog, and podcasts has taken me to a new direction of my writing.

From simply basic things like how to write a catchy headline until find and honing your voice as writer.

One thing that stand out from him and his blog was his advice to write with the worldview and understand your platform personality. Instead of picking specific niche like all other blogger gurus advice to new blogger.

So, that's all my suggestion if you're looking for a blog that worth both your time and attention. Except Leo Babauta, all of those blogger also have Instagram account to follow. Just simply type their name in the search box, and you'll find them.

That's all for today. Hope you find values from this post. And I want to close this post by this simple words,

Nobody is perfect, be NOBODY. Be humble but don't stay stupid.

See you next time.



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