Mar 20, 2018

Are You Trully Unhappy?

Not every day everything is going according to what we want it. That's life, isn't it? There's always a moment when things are going wrong, things which make us feel like the whole world are against us. Things that make us feel unhappy.

But the question is, are you truly do, unhappy?

Let say your spouse does something you don't like, that makes you feel disrespected. How does that feel? Or more exact, how do you label that feeling? Do you call it sad, angry, or simply unhappy?

Oh, you don't have a spouse? Okay, let's change the situation a bit. Imagine when your boss asks you to do something you don't like. In my case, work with the number. How does it feel? Unhappy?

Can you see how we easily named all these unfavor feeling as unhappy? What is unhappy anyway?

But before we answer that question, let us ask our self, what is happiness? What are the things that make you feel happy? Is it when you double your income, triple, quadruple? Is it when you hold your first born son or daughter?

On the contrary, we also easily label these feeling of joy as happy.

We live our life the way we interpret it. As for this, I agreed with The Minimalist about what is happiness :

Happiness is the product of a meaningful life. Instead of searching for happiness, search for a meaning - The Minimalists

Happiness is simple, being happy is simple. It is us who aren't. Happiness isn't always about having fun, joyful, or playful. If you value happiness from these kinds of feelings, you'll find your self, miserable at the end.

If we want to be happy, make our life full of meaning. Live a meaningful life, through contribution and self-growth. Grow our self by learning things we should do but can't do in our current state. Get stretched. After that, contribute.

I can guarantee that the processes are surely painful, frustrating, and less of joy. It doesn't mean you're unhappy. You just being discomfort. Keep going. Only when you can get through all of these, you can contribute more. Then, you'll find the meaning of your life.

Search for meaning, then you'll be happy...truly happy.


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