Mar 28, 2018

Not Your Business

Have you ever been asked by your friends, colleagues, husband or wife, whether you are happy or not by having them in your life? Have you asked them the same question?

Isn't it funny to see how we decide our happiness by how people feel about us? 

I couldn't remember the exact moment, but I had listened to this audio tape about a relationship. In that tape, the speaker spoke about some interview she did with John Maxwell's wife. She asked her if she was happy for marrying John and live together with him, raise their kids together. And her answer was shocking. She said that she isn't happy having John as her husband.

How could it be? A wife of someone who is famous for his words about leadership and relationship with people feel unhappy with their marriage. Does it means that John was telling lies all these years in every training, coachings, and conferences he held?

Curious about her answer, she asked John's wife what made her feel unhappy. And she replied, "My happiness, is not John's responsibility. I'm responsible for my own happiness, and I choose to be happy."

Now, let's get back to the future.

How many of us asking the same question as the speaker did about our happiness? How many of us feel that our happiness depends on how people treat us? If they are being nice, then we'll surely happy, otherwise, we'll feel miserable, desperately unhappy.

Happiness is our own responsibility. It's purely based on our choice to be or not to be happy. Asking people to bear that responsibility for us is not fair to them. Why would they do something they don't want, or be someone they aren't just to make you happy? 

We are being told that we are special. There is no one out there like us. Indeed we are, but....we also must remember that we aren't the center of the universe.

Be happy for you choose to be happy. It's your right and responsibility.

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  1. pernah sih nanya suami, dan jawabannya 'ya aku bahagia', sayangnya saat itu dia lagi serius baca WAG, sepertinya saya salah hari

    1. Eh WAG apaan bun? 😅
      emang bahagia ada harinya ya hehehehe...

  2. Happy or unhappy is, most of the times, a mere state of mind


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