Mar 22, 2018

Making Money Blogging

Money doesn't buy happiness, neither does poverty

I've been blogging for almost a year now. And through the year I see lots of bloggers earn few bucks and some even become a multi-billionaire from their blog. Some of them, success in replacing their monthly salary and quit their job, being a full-time father or mother, traveling around the world, and I can feel their excitement in each story they share in their blog.

Isn't it great to be able to do something we are passionate about to and get paid for it?

Truth be told, I'm a bit fired up (or envy probably) with their life. Compared to me, who's been blogging for a while yet earn nothing in return. I too want that kind of life. Doing something I passionate about and get paid.

From what I see from people who live from their blog, I found several similarities about what they do with their blog. Something I don't do, which probably the best answer to explain why I don't get much from my blog. Instead, add the expenses more.

They offer helps.
Blogging to make money, means we are doing business. And one of the best definition of business I know so far is, business is helping people and get paid.

From online courses, books, affiliates products, and services, or other services. These bloggers are getting paid because they offer something that helps people. They know what they can do best, and want to use it to help others to do something in an easier way. They have the product to help people.

Of course, just like any business, no products are meant to everyone. If you sell diapers, it'll help a married couple with kids. But it won't offer the same values for those without kids or when their kids are no longer use diapers.

Now, this leads me to one question I need to ask my self and find the answer.

What kind of helps I can offer to people?

What is something I can do best (and passionate about) that helps people solve their problem? What values I can offer. Guess this is a question I need to find the answer...ASAP.


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