Mar 24, 2018

Asking Questions

None of us were born smart. I can confidently say this as I don't have a super duper high intelligence. And I also know some people who share the same faith as I am.

That's why we need helps from other people. And sometimes, all we need to do is simply ask.

I used to believe that stupid questions are better than stupid mistakes. It was long ago before I hit by fact that stupid question is the stupid mistake.

So based on my own experience, I found that there are, at least, three things I need to pay attention before start throwing the question.

Who are you asking for is definitely the most important thing to consider before asking anything. In fact, it determines the rest. Knowing whom you are asking for, will set what kind of question you can or cannot ask, until how should you ask, and when is the best time to ask them.

A simple example. If you come to your uncle who is a doctor, with his tight schedule with his/her patient. Can you just jump to his office and ask him, does he know the recipe of a great pasta, when he is examining his patient?

Here's what you'll get if I were him, a scissor flying right to your head.

Not only you asking a stupid question, but you also being stupid. And for most people, this kind of stupidity is very annoying.

Asking the right questions is the next one you need to consider before asking people something.

Clarity is power

I often fail to get the answer I want simply because I don't ask the right question. Thus, I'm upset about not getting the answer to my question. The more I try to explain, the more confusing it gets, the angrier I become...and so does the people.

When to ask is the last but not the least thing to be considered when it comes to asking people questions.

We can go back to the previous example of your uncle. Sometimes, even when we have known who to ask and ask a right question, but when we come at the wrong time, we won't get the answer.

People have something to do that might need to be prioritized. Hence, it'll be wiser if we also value their time and attention by simply ask their availability first before asking the question. Especially when it comes to something less urgent for them.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care

That's all that I can share with you today. I hope this simple post may add values to you. If you like what I write, you may consider subscribing as I write regularly, so you won't miss the updates.

Live a meaningful life and be happy!


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