Mar 13, 2018

What Makes A Good Writing

First of all, this is my opinion based on my writing experience from 2014. You might have a different perspective than mine which that is absolutely okay.

In my opinion, good writing consists of two elements:
1. Values
2. Readability

The writing values I'm talking about here is about how far a writing touches the reader. Some said, does it connect to people, or resonate with them.

Writing is a tool to communicate something from the writer to the reader. So, what's the point of communication if there's nothing to communicate about. 

Though it may seem obvious. However, I often fail to do this.

Even after I spent hours to craft word by word on to the page, the writing I made was still 'empty'. I couldn't even tell what I was trying to communicate. The message was unclear, confusing, and multi-interpreted.

Does this resonate with you?

So how to avoid this 'emptiness' in your writing? Here's what I did, begin with the end in mind. Meaning, have a clear purpose of what your writing is talking about.

Clarity is power

Having a clear purpose of what do you wish your writing to achieve will helps you write better. Ask yourself what do you wish your readers thinks, feels, or acts after the finish reading your stuff.

Secondly, after you succeeded in making a good writing. Another thing you need to ask yourself is, "Does this easy to be read?"

Remember, writing is a way to communicate our message as a writer to the readers. As said by Gandhi, "How you say it defines what you want to say."

So, after you finish your writing, edit it, and proofread it, make sure it is readable. Put your readers at ease to read your stuff from the beginning until the end of the line.

Here's what I learned and apply it my self to my writing:
1. Use pictures
2. Use short sentences and paragraphs
3. Use large fonts
4. Use 'ordinary' fonts
4. Add more spaces between the line (hit the enter button more often)
5. Use white background

I guess that's all I can share with you on today's post. I hope it helps you write better (clearer and more easy to read). Feel free to drop some thoughts about your tips to write better.

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  1. Great post, mas.

    I think incorporating emotions, as what you've written in other post, into the writings works well.

    To me, story telling did better than others.


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