May 26, 2018

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If My Next Post Is My Last Post

Have you ever have a voice inside your head? A voice that questioning what you do or why you do it. 

Recently I had these voices that ask me this simple question, what next post is my last post? What would it be? How'd I treat it and such.

I'm not talking about death. I don't plan to die in a few moments onward. Though, it's inevitable.

From this question, I come to dig deeper inside me of its answer.

Not much I found though. But I came with several thoughts about it.

If my next post is my last post.

I'll treat it more carefully. I'll put some times to edit the draft to make sure it valuable and readable

If my next post is my last post.

I'll share it to wider audience. Even though I can't control how much people will read my post, but at least I have share it to more people. 

If my next post is my last post.

I'll pray that the message can touch people heart and get them to act. An act that can change their lives into a meaningful one.


Now, I'd like to pass on this question to you. What if your next post, is your last post?


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