Jul 13, 2018

If I Were You...

I would do exactly the same


Too often I heard people said how they could do something better than someone. Especially when they saw somebody made a simple mistake.

Well, here is the thing...you can't.

You can't do something better if you were that person. You only think, you can do it better. 

The reason is, you're not them. You never walk on their shoes, you don't live their life, you don't feel their fears, their doubts. Then how could you think, you won't do the same if you were them?

Maybe...just maybe. It'll a bit wiser if next time you think you could do better if you were that person, just say you think, you could do better.

You could do better because you know better, have more experiences, or luckier life to live with. Therefore, when you are put in the same situation, you'll react differently.

Stop judging because you can never imagine what kind of life, other people live with.


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