Nov 24, 2018

Before Hitting The Publish Button

Everybody is writer. If by definition, writers are those who writes and publish it.

In the old day, writer might be someone who write books and sell it.  Book is the medium most writer choose to share their stories, messages, to the world.

Now, in the age of social media suddenly everyone become writers. From Facebook status, tweets, blog posts, or simply text using Whatsapp. They write and publish, share their message to the world.

Sadly, easyness to publish anything to public, often are not followed by the carefullness of what being published.

Most of writers, too busy publish anything to anyone and forget how their 'masterpiece' might impact the readers. They seems to forget how they can influence others, simply by words.

It'd be great if it influences people to do something valuable. But...what if it doesn't?

Therefore, I want to ask you, writers all accross the globe, to ask ourselves this simple question before publish anything :

"Does these add values to the readers?"
The challenge is, of course...can we hold the urge to publish anything that we know not valuable for readers? Can we only publish something valueable to our readers?



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