Nov 27, 2018

Flat Tire

If what you do have impact to people lives, will you treat it differently?

This morning, I learned a very important lesson. It's about putting care into what you're doing. Got this lesson from an old man who run a small business to repair a flat tire.

Yes it's obvious that the reason I came to this man was none other than I had a flat tire.

After few minutes (which felt like hours), I finally stop in his workshop. In short, he replaced my inside tire with the new one, since nothing could be helped with the old one. His skillfull hand made the job looked easy to do. Without too much effort and time consumed, he already changed my tire.

But, before he said he had finished, he checked it it one more time. Turned out, he found that he made a mistake with the installation. So he took out the air of the tire and repeated the process, ensuring he had put it right this time.

And this time, he did.

One thing crossed my mind was, if only he didn't do that, I might have another flat tire or worse, an accident.

But who am I for him? I'm nobody. He never know me, so what happened to me will not suppose to bother him right? Why would he bother to give an extra effort to recheck and repair?

I would just paid him anyway.

Maybe...just maybe, it something related to his value. To put his heart into what he do, realizing that when he did wrong, the cost were a man live.

A man who has a wife and son to take care of.


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