Dec 3, 2018

Should You Be Your Self?


If you think, you'll be happier or more fulfilled by being your self, you are absolutely wrong. I know this as I am being my self and as a result, my life is miserable.

The reason is simply because, I have no idea what my self is supposed to be. All I do is just selfishly doing and becoming what I like. Disregarding how it may impact to people around me.

I am becoming my self, but without knowing what kind of self I want to become.

Now, I'm considering to take different path. Instead of just be myself, I want to define first what self I want to be.

The self who lives in certain roles and expectations. Hence, I start by define the roles I go through as follow:

1. Allah's creation
2. A son
3. A husband
4. A father
5. A professional
6. A social being
7. A minimalist
8. A writer

Next thing to do is to define and/or redefine each of my self in every roles above.

After I know clearly what kind of self I have to become, all I need to do is to push my self to be my self.

Then, be your self will become make sense to be achieved.

What kind of self you want to become?


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