Jan 3, 2019

For Money or Love?

It's said that the best way to kill your passion is by forcing yourself to make money from it. Money is not the problem, but when it become the end goal, that is when the problem arise.

For years I don't know if I have passion in writing. Even now, when I start enjoying and passionate about writing, it didn't actually happen the way I thought it would. I thought, finding what we passion about was merely knowing what we like to do, do it, and make money from it.

Not me.

I hated writing. As a matter of fact, I hated writing with all my heart. Or you can say, I hated it passionately.

But then, on 2014, I was assigned to a job which force me to be good at writing. Can you imagine? How the hell I could do good for something I didn't love to do? It doesn't make sense right?

But that what happened. I put into a situation then I was forced to be good at it, and guess what...I've became good at it. Even better, I found it enjoyable and have so much fun on doing it.

In short, I started blogging. Not for money or glory...but simply because I love writing.

As time goes, I tried to enter one or two blogging competition. Just to measure how good my writing was. The result was obvious, I failed few times untill I won my first blogging competition.

I was happy and tried another one, and another one. And without I even realize it, the goal was no longer measure how well I write. But for the prizes.

I thought that if I keep doing this (entering competition without winning it), than I'm just wasting my time. Suddenly, writing is no longer fun and enjoyable as it were. The pressure of I-have-to-win has turn the hobbies to a job.

I already have one...a stressful one. So why would I add one more stressful thing to my life? I have a life I have to live with all my heart, yet I put so much burden and cause me loose the passion of life. Is it something worth to do?

Instead of doing that, why wouldn't I spend more time with my family.

So, I come to a conclusion. I love writing, I do. And if I could get an extra income from it, that would be great. But if it doesn't, I completely fine with that. I write not only because I'm passionate about it, but also it give me a chance to add values to other people.

But of course, that just me isn' t it?


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