You have several options in your hand toward it. You can choose to stand still no matter how painful it is because you know the price to fall is extreemly higher.

Or you can choose to play victim. Put all the blame to everyone around you for putting you on your current situation. 

You can also play as the most pitiful person on earth. Have no one to help you out from the sorrow of your life. can simply accept it. Accept it as your weakness and it was all part of Allah's beautiful plan for us.

I am not a champion nor a warrior. I even wander how could I survive till this very day. Thus, I may not the right person to tell you this or that when shits happen.

I simply believe that everything is happened only with Allah's permission. 

Laa hawlaa, wa laa quwatta illa billah

And when you feels like quitting for the hit you had to take, remember that is part of Shaytaan tricks to sink you into the feeling of worthless and helplessness.


Because it is easier to drag you away from Allah's when you feel Allah is not around to help you out from your problem.

At least, that what I would do if I was Shaytaan. I need to seek companion to stay with me in hell, so I would do whatever it takes to take you (mankind) with me together as Hell's Citizen.

Na'udzu billahi min dzalik

Wrap it all...

To sum it up, there are few things you and me need to have in mind when things go wrong.

First, it is permitted by Allah and it is part of Allah's beautiful plan which we have no idea what it is.

Second, it remind us to our weakness and lack of power over everything without Allah's permission.

Last but not least, it is part of Shaytaan's evil plan to drag you far away from Allah's by hitting you from all directions which he had done this years ago to prophet Ayyub Allaihi Salaam.

May Allah Subhanahuu Wa Ta'ala protect us from Shaytaan be it in the form of jiin or human.